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Florida Acquistion & Appraisal, Inc.
Welcome to Florida Acquisition & Appraisal, Inc.

A turnkey real estate firm specializing in right of way, conservation and other related real estate acquisition services. FLAA has been providing these consulting services since 1995.

Services Provided:

  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Right of Way Appraisal
  • Right of Way Cost Estimating
  • Property Management
  • Title
  • Relocation
  • Condemnation
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Upgrade in Progress

    Featured Projects


    FLAA has served as the Florida High Speed Rail ROW acquisition consultant responsible for all ROW administration, acquisition, appraisal support and related services for more than seven years. FLAA provided comprehensive right of way cost estimates of Phase I, Part I from downtown Tampa to the Orlando International Airport. FLAA continues supporting the program under the FLORIDA RAIL ENTERPRISE.

    TBARTA/FDOT DISTRICT 7/Jacobs: Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority – Pinellas County Alternatives Analysis

    FLAA will be providing right of way support of the TBARTA/Jacobs Engineering team for the Pinellas County Alternatives Analysis. Additionally FLAA is providing right of way appraisal and acquisition support for Wilson Miller, Inc. on TBARTA's Veteran's Expressway Suncoast Transit Corridor Evalution. The Alternatives Analysis will study potential transit corridors from downtown St. Petersburg to downtown Clearwater in Pinellas County and will explore various transit options, assess their feasibility, and examine their potential impacts. FLAA will provide support to the analysis of right of way costs and impacts.

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    Rail and Transit Experience

    Florida Rail Enterprise - High Speed Rail

    Program Management Team (R/W Support)

    Florida High Speed Rail Authority GEC Team R/W Managers

    (Tampa to Orlando Corridor Study, R/W Program Management)

    Tri-Rail - South Florida Regional Transportation Authority

    (R/W Property Management, Excess Surplus Inventory, Disposition Authority)

    TBARTA–Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority

    Suncoast/Veterans Express Bus Corridor Alternatives Analysis Pinellas County Light Rail Corridor Alternatives Analysis

    HART - Hillsborough Area Regional Transit

    Misc. Engineering Right of Way Support Real Estate Services; Appraisal, Acquisition, Property Mgmt., Site Selection, Title

    Lee County Transit

    Right of Way Support

    Lakeland Area Mass Transit District, aka Citrus Connection

    Program Management Team