FLAA has been serving the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency for more than 15 years and has maintained a 90% negotiated settlement rate. BluePrint is an inter-agency formed by a joint participation agreement between the City of Tallahassee and Leon County to facilitate local infrastructure with a holistic approach. FLAA has been providing right of way services including acquisition, relocation, property management, demolition contracting, legal support, TEAMS database development, program management support, and right of way cost estimating since its inception and has worked on hundreds of parcels, relocations and/or demolitions. FLAA in conjunction with the Blueprint Right of Way Manager successfully implemented and coordinated an acquisition incentive program in compliance with FDOT policies which has been widely successful and has saved millions of dollars for the taxpayers of not only Leon County but also the State of Florida. FLAA was the first consultant in the State of Florida to implement and utilized the incentive program in Florida. FLAA has recently been executed an additional City of Tallahassee contract to continue services.

  • Capital Circle Southeast (Initial Segment) – Centerview to Connie Drive
  • Capital Circle Southeast (E1) – Connie Drive to Tram Road
  • Capital Circle Southeast (E2) – Tram Road to Woodville Highway
  • Capital Circle NW/SW (N2) – Tanglewood Estates
  • Capital Circle NW/SW (N2) – Tennessee Street to Orange Avenue
  • Capital Circle Southwest PD&E – Right of Way Cost Estimate
  • Capital Cascades & Van Buren Properties
  • Broadmoor Estates Mobile Home Park (Pond)
  • Capital Circle NW/SW (N2)
  • Capital Cascades Trail
  • FAMU Way Extension – Phases 1, 2 and 3, and Magnolia Drive
  • Property Management & Demolition Contracting Services

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