FDOT, DISTRICT 4: Districtwide Acquisition & Relocation Services (2016-2024).

FLAA was selected for this Districtwide contract to provide right of way acquisition, negotiations, relocation, cost estimating, suit information support, property management, survey, mapping, general contracting, land planning, cost-to-cure, language translation and interpretation, environmental/asbestos management, and business damage estimating. Task 1 concluded with an 85% settlement rate for the acquisition of property along Port St. Lucie Blvd, and required translation services for negotiation with out of country ownership. Task 3 included acquisition of properties along I-95 from Central Blvd to PGA Blvd and involved significant negotiations for settlements of some parcels totaling nearly a million dollars. Challenges during this task included changing corporate ownerships, mid-project design and legal description changes, and significant attorney representation with experts.

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