FDOT, DISTRICT 4: Districtwide Right of Way Acquisition Services (Push Button Contract).

FLAA was scoped to provide full right of way services under this acquisition and relocation services contract which encompassed right of way acquisition, negotiation, business damage claims negotiation, business damage report preparation and review, conceptual stage relocation plans, relocation assistance, relocation assistance review, preparation of suit information and lawsuit packages, settlements and closings, property management functions, and RWMS input.  This task-oriented/Districtwide contract encompassed Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties.  FLAA provided Acquisition and Relocation services on the St. Lucie County/FDOT (LAP) with Federal “funding remediation” or Federalizing the project to recapture federal dollars. FLAA provided Acquisition Offers/Closings, RHP calculations, relocation eligibility, move cost calculations, claims processing and advisory services and more under this task.

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